The Shocking Reality Behind  Buying Professional Products  Outside A Salon or Spa
  The  Dirty  Truth of  Working in a Salon or Spa  Revealed
   New Year, New Skin : Just One New Year's Resolution to Follow
  Why St. Ives  Apricot Scrub  Is Terrible For Your Skin- You Can Start Feeling Guilty Now
  Nerium: The Poisonous Plant Turned Into A Poisonous Multi-Level Marketing Company
  Multi Level Marketing Skincare: Miracle Products or Misinformation?
  Easy Habits to Keep Skin Looking Young
  Q&A #2: Why  Drugstore Skin Care  Sucks & You're Wasting Your Money On It
 Maple Holistics Ancient Clay and Dead Sea Mud Masks Review
  Accept it. This Is What  Tanning  Does To Your Face.
  Why I'll Never Wax Again
  10+ Things Your Esthetician Wishes You Would  Stop Doing
  Mi-Skin-Ceptions: 20  Skincare Myths Busted
  Why I Regret Going to  Dermatologists For Acne
  5  Winter Skin Care  Tips
  Needles vs Bottles- The Truth About  Botox vs Skin Care
   Baking Soda  Is NOT Good Skin Care!
  Why  ProActiv  Is Terrible For Your Skin- And Your Wallet
   Exfoliation  in a Nutshell
  Blatant Lies and Misleading Marketing in  "Natural" Products
  How to Create  Halloween Looks  With Makeup You Already Own
  Guest Post on    Keratosis Pilaris    at Holistically Haute
  PSA:  Credit Card Scam  for Spa Owners & Service Industry Professionals
  A Guide To Beauty Gifts That People Actually Want (And Don't Want)
  Why  Seasonal Color Trends  Are Silly
   Stop Using Soap  On Your Skin- Even  Dove  Sensitive Skin Soap
  Disturbing Irony, Misogyny & Racism of  Eastern Whitening vs. Western Tanning
  The Bad Reputation of  Toners  and Why You Should Give Them Another Chance
   Foundation : Types, Application, and How To  Contour  Without Consulting a Paint By Number
   Foundation Sponges  and Why They're Disgusting
  What's My  Skin Type ? There's No Such Thing as " Normal "
  The Dangers of  Magnifying Mirrors
   Thank You!  I Am Grateful!
  Forget Those " Makeup Rules " And Do What You Like
  How To Save Big Money By Not Hiring A  Professional Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist
  Your  Pillowcase  Could Be Giving You  Acne
  Don't Fight Acne,  Heal Acne
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