Don't Fight Acne, Heal Acne

Acne is not caused by oil, pizza, or chocolate. It's caused by a combination of inflammation, excess sebum, hormones, digestive problems, and dead skin cells. Acne knows no age. If you're prone to acne, you always will be.

Don't Fight Acne, Heal Acne

Treating your acne with an antibacterial ingredient like benzoyl peroxide, which is found in most drugstore products, as well as the leading "acne line" that has a vending machine at the mall, will only address part of the problem. The bacteria associated with acne can't live in the presence of oxygen, so simply unclogging the pores will kill bacteria living at the bottom.

Instead of fighting your acne with harsh, drying ingredients that make your skin peel, turn red, and become too tight and itchy, heal your skin with a good skin care regimen, exfoliation, plenty of sun protection, and plenty of water.

The ingredient to look for is salicylic acid. It's a chemical exfoliant that removes dead skin cells from both the surface of the skin and along the sides and bottom of each pore. Unclogging the pores is the first step towards healthy skin.

If your acne is red, inflamed, and painful, look for anti-inflammatory ingredients such as aloe, lavender, sea whip extract, and other botanicals. Calming the inflammation will help the pores return to their original size and help prevent dark spots and scars caused by breakouts.

A combination of these products will help your skin become healthy, which will prevent future breakouts. Keep in mind that if you're acne prone, you will always be acne prone, even into your adult years. There is no cure, only constant treatment.

Cancel that mail order membership, stop 'fighting' your acne with harsh products, and learn how good skin care can help your skin look more beautiful.