A Guide to Beauty Gifts that People Actually Want (And Don't Want)

Shopping for gifts for a beauty lover can be difficult when you're looking at hundreds of products with every use and every shade imaginable, especially if you don't use the products yourself. There are some products that are guaranteed good gifts for a makeup and beauty lover and some that could be a waste of money. It's important to pay attention to the habits of the person you're buying for ahead of time to make sure you're getting something perfect.

A Guide to Beauty Gifts that People Actually Want (And Don't Want) etherealauraspa.com/blog

What To Get


Mascara should be replaced every 3-6 months, and since it can also dry out, it's one of the most replaced beauty products. Since there's a smaller range of shades available, there's a smaller chance that you'll get the 'wrong' color. When in doubt, go with black. Sneak a peek on their bathroom counter. If it's always the same tube, they're a creature of habit, and you can get them a fresh tube of their favorite formula. If there are a bunch of different tubes, the beauty lover is an experimenter, and getting a new brand or new formula could be something fun to try. Pay attention to whether they use waterproof or not.

Lip Colors-  only if they wear them

Lipstick and lip gloss can be make or break gifts. Only buy lipstick or gloss for someone if you've seen them wearing lipstick or gloss a few times. If they don't wear it, it's just another tube that sits on the bottom of a makeup bag or bathroom drawer. Colors can be tricky, so pay attention to the lip colors you see, and aim for something in the same family- warm or cool, light or dark, neutral or bold.

Brush Sets

High quality brush sets are great gifts for an avid beauty lover. Adding an assortment of sizes and shapes to a brush collection is always a welcome addition. Avoid low quality brushes, since shedding bristles from bad glue are frustrating and rough bristles don't feel very nice. High quality makeup brushes will last for years if taken care of properly.

Gift Certificates for Services

Getting a facial or massage is a relaxing experience that most people don't have done often enough. For many, it's a rare treat, making it a great gift.

Nail Polish- only if they wear it

Nail polish collectors love having more options, and the variety of colors makes it a fun thing to shop for. Pick shades that are similar to a shade you've seen before, but not the exact color. If you see a lot of pastels, get a pastel shade of a new color. The same goes with neons, nudes, and glitters. There are also a few special effects polishes with fun textures or finishes, like the clear matte polishes that can be layered over a shiny polish that can create fun pattens. These unique polishes make good gifts for the experimenter.


What Not To Get


Never buy foundation for someone unless you already know exactly what brand and shade they use and love. Very slight shade differences can mean another bottle or compact that sits in a bathroom drawer until it goes bad. Even replacing an existing foundation is risky, since many people vary between a few shades depending on the season.

New Fragrances

Unless you're asked for a specific fragrance, or are planning on replacing a bottle that's running low, fragrances are a high risk gift. Everyone is attracted to different aromas, and some fragrances or blends that smell amazing to some people are repellant to others. If you find something new you really think they'll like, get the miniature size first to make sure you're getting something they'll actually love and use.

If they already have a perfume they love, get a different version of the same fragrance. Many fragrances come in small roll-on applicators, and getting a travel friendly, familiar fragrance can be a great gift. Also look for a body wash or body lotion version of a favorite fragrance.

Skin Care

Unless you're familiar with their routine and you've noticed a nearly empty bottle on their counter of a product they've used for a long time, avoid buying skin care products as gifts. Skin type, conditions, allergies, and existing routines make it a risky purchase. There are some skin care products that are better options for gifts than others, such as antioxidant serums, sunscreen, or eye cream, but generally these products are best picked out by the person who is going to use them, ideally with an Esthetician's recommendation. An allergic reaction ruins a holiday! It's better to play it safe.

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