New Year, New Skin: Just ONE New Year's Resolution To Follow

The basics of basics!

New Year, New Skin: Just ONE New Year's Resolution To Follow

Don't bother trying to make an unobtainable New Year's Resolution for your skin care routine. New Year's Resolutions are often abandoned because they aren't realistic. Small changes, adding another habit, is much more effective than trying to start a new routine overnight.

Sunscreen Every Morning

This is literally the best thing you can possibly do for your skin- yes, even during winter! The sun's rays are the biggest source of aging, and the half a minute it takes to slap or spray on a broad spectrum SPF 30 every morning will really be worth it in the decades to come. Sunscreen prevents skin cancer, premature aging, burns, inflammation, and hyperpigmentation.


Already using sunscreen every morning? High five! Pick a step to try adding to your routine.


If you aren't using a toner, try adding a Vitamin C toner for antioxidant and brightening effects. Toners also help your moisturizer absorb more quickly and more evenly.


Serums usually contain the most concentrated, effects driven ingredients. Depending on the product and its ingredients, serums can hydrate, chemically exfoliate, brighten, lighten, tone and firm. Using a few drops of serum on your skin after cleansing and toning can really make a difference.

Eye Cream

Our eyes, neck, and hands show our age the fastest. Adding an eye cream to your regimen can be a great boost for your routine.

Did you set a New Year's Resolution for your skin? Post it in the comments!