Skin & Makeup Q&A #1: Foundation

Name: Tiffany A
Subject: Foundation!

Message: Uuuuuggghhhh I need help! I have a bit of a yellow undertone to my skin but my cheeks have a lot of redness. I have light to medium skin and I can never find a foundation that looks natural. What am I doing wrong?

Match your foundation to your true yellow-toned skin and use a green tinted foundation primer underneath it on your cheeks to neutralize redness.

Remember to wear sunscreen! Redness means inflammation, which can be a sign of irritation or possibly rosacea. There are several calming moisturizers on the market, including Aveda's Outer Peace line or Merle Norman's Anti-Redness line, which is my favorite. Once your skin is healthy, you might not even need the green tinted foundation primer anymore.

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