6 Brilliant Beauty Blog Articles

I'm starting a new feature, Brilliant Beauty Blogs, to show some recognition for some fantastic blog posts I've found!

6 Brilliant Beauty Blog Articles etherealauraspa.com/blog

DIY Disaster: Lemons in Skincare by Sammi on College Beauty Buff (collegebeautybuff.com)

This article is so good I wish I would have written it myself. Just like baking soda, using lemons in various ways on the skin is dangerous because its acidity, but its use continues to be constantly recommended by people on Pinterest. Stop using lemon juice on your face!

Places Where You Might Forget to Apply Sunscreen by Nikitha on Stylish Walks (stylishwalks.com)

These are common areas for burns, which increase the risk of melanoma and other cancers. Scalp burns hurt.

20 Skincare Mistakes That Are Damaging Your Face by Julia Teen on Bustle in Fashion & Beauty (bustle.com)

These bad habits can add up to some serious issues. Many cases of acne and reactions can be avoided by making sure you aren't making these mistakes.

Nitty Gritty on the Oil Cleansing Method by Crunchy Betty (crunchybetty.com)

Oil cleansing is a popular cleansing method that is fantastic for skin. It does feel a little weird at first, but after a few days of cleansing with oil, you'll definitely see and feel the difference. Many other people will recommend coconut oil with this method (stop it, Pinterest), but it can clog pores in acne prone and clog prone skin. Try using the same method with pure organic jojoba oil.

10 Reasons You Need A Facial, Stat by Renée Rouleau on Refinery 29 (refinery29.com)

Not enough people know what a facial does for the skin, or the amount of education given by your Esthetician specifically tailored to your needs. A ten minute dermatologist appointment in no way compares to the hour or more appointment with your Esthetician- and probably costs a lot less.

The 4 Biggest Problems with DIY Skincare Recipes Online by Rachael Pontillo on Holistically Haute (holisticallyhaute.com)

There are some DIY recipes that are great, but most recipes online for skin care range from ineffective to dangerous. I'm a huge fan of sugar and olive oil for body exfoliation, explained fully in my guest post at Holistically Haute. Another emergency home remedy I recommend is cooled, barely cooked oatmeal for extreme dryness, itchiness, and irritated skin. However, these are meant to be made for single uses, not batches, and they are pure ingredients. The science of skin care is advanced, and the more complicated the any recipe, the more knowledge, training, and experience is required to make it safe and effective. Unless the blogger is trained in cosmetic chemistry, be careful.


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