Thank you! I Am Grateful!

What a perfect time of year for this to happen!

My email list has reached 100 subscribers!

The first post I did that got attention was How to Save Big Money By Not Hiring A Professional Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist, which got 9800 Facebook Likes. In a month I had reached 100,000 views. I installed Google Analytics and watched it go all over the world, fascinated. I started the email list.

I kept writing, something I love to do when I'm passionate about my subjects. My next big hits were about Apricot Scrub, Proactiv, and Drugstore Skin Care. I started posting in Esthetician groups on Facebook and getting a surprising amount of positive feedback. I kept writing.

At times I've been very discouraged. One of the articles I spent the most time writing was Disturbing Irony, Misogyny & Racism of Eastern Whitening vs. Western Tanning which was emotionally draining to research, several days of revisions, and got a disappointingly small response. It still remains the post I'm most proud of, and one of the topics I'm most passionate about: loving the skin color you were born with, and refusing to resort to dangerous chemicals and sun exposure to change it.

I kept writing, despite many of my articles getting less than 5000 views, determined to still make my voice heard.

A huge boost of confidence came when I was invited to write a guest post at Holistically Haute. Other writers complimented me. One of my oldest friends told me that reading my blog made her feel like she was reading something published in Allure, flooring me.

I started becoming more serious about writing, started an archive of past posts, and got better at promoting on social media, started making friends. My biggest hit and sharpest increase in traffic came when I wrote The Shocking Reality Behind Buying Professional Products Outside a Salon or Spa and more recently The Dirty Truth of Working in a Salon or Spa Revealed.

I'm still slightly in shock that so many people like what I write. I constantly struggle with producing the best content I can. I'm always trying to come up with new topics that I care enough to share my thoughts about.

So thank you, all of you, that continue to read my blog. It means so much to me when I get a notification that one of you has shared my posts. Thank you for reading, commenting, agreeing, and even disagreeing. Thank you to my friends who have helped my writing improve, given me prompts, asked me questions. Thank you to my critics for keeping me on my toes and sometimes even making me laugh. Thank you to my clients for supporting me, for understanding my sense of humor, for appreciating my honesty, for trusting me.

Happy Thanksgiving!