10+ Things Your Esthetician Wishes You Would Stop Doing

Or "I'm Trying Really Hard Not To Facepalm Right Now."

10+ Things Your Esthetician Wishes You Would Stop Doing etherealauraspa.com/blog

Because honesty is so important!

1. Stop telling me you've already tried "the same product" from another line. It's not the same. I promise.

2. Stop telling me that your skin "is fine" after scrubbing with Apricot Scrub twice a day for the last ten years. It's not.

3. Stop asking my advice and then immediately contradicting it, citing your “source” as either the internet, an acquaintance or relative who has no formal training. Why did you bother coming in if you think you know more about skin than I do?

4. Stop using bar soap on your skin.

5. Stop calling sun damage "age spots."

6. Stop lying to me about how often you exfoliate.

7. Stop putting alcohol or hydrogen peroxide on your breakouts. You're making them worse.

8. Stop telling me "I don't really tan that much," when your skin is brown in the middle of February, I know you haven't been on vacation in the tropics, and you don't use self tanner.

9. Stop apologizing for your skin problems. That's what I'm here to help you with! Trust me, your skin is not as bad as you might think.

10. Stop telling me you don't wear sunscreen because you "don't go in the sun" when you just walked through the parking lot on a sunny day in a tank top to get here.

I also asked other Estheticians what they wish their clients would do- or stop doing.

(Quoted with permission)

Appointment Etiquette

"Stop wearing make up to their appointments first thing in the morning." -Brittany Sharp

"Stop no-showing and canceling the day of their appointment! I would like my rich clients that have multiple nannies to quit giving me excuses as to why they cancel- things are just crazy w my kids right now! Give me a break! So sorry for your rich people problems!" -Jennifer Wallis

"Stop calling to say they're running behind only to show up with Starbucks." -Tammy Kosnik

"Asking for discounts. I don't ask you to do your job for less money!!" -Lindsay Flint

"Please put away your cell phone & turn the ringer to vibrate at the least. How am I supposed to work on you with that damn thing in my way? Trust me, an hour without it will do you some good!" -Melanie Vanhoozer

"Make sure their hiney was clean before a Brazilian!" Stacey Norris-Green

"Stop bringing their children to appointments." -Christa Denicke Lindhardt

"My other pet peeve is when I'm sitting behind them doing their treatment and they constantly stare out the top of their eyeballs at me! I wanna say "stop looking up my nose!" And the ones who turn their head to watch my every move when I reach to get something off my cart." -Vicky Lee Crook

"I wish clients they would understand what happens to us when they cancel at the last minute or no show. How ultimately we lost multiple opportunities to make money or spend time getting things done either for ourselves and family or our business by their lack of consideration." -Brittany Canipe Farr


"Stop using proactiv, oil of Olay etc because 'it just works best for my skin'." Kaitlyn Smith

"Stop coming to me for skincare advice when you don't want to change your dial soap or constant tanning bed routine." -Nicole Fisk

"Stop buying skin care products at Target (Walmart, Nordstrom, Mary Kay, etc.). I'm your skin care professional, let me professionally care for your skin!!" -Lynne Shirvandehi-Gow

"Stop asking me for recommendations on skin care products, then say, "Oh I'll just get them on Amazon." ...when I have them set out and ready for you to buy right there."  -Pamalee Perry

"Stop using apricot scrub!" -Amanda Beery

"Stop asking me for skincare suggestions for their "friend" or "significant other" I don't know what to give them without seeing person x, y, and z." -Elizabeth Brasher


"Stop picking." -Cortney Statenisland

"Stop picking at their faces!! God it gets so terrible, I'm all 'you REALLY believe that open bleeding wound looks much better than a little zit?!'" -Elizabeth Brasher

"Stop lying about picking their skin!!! I can spot it a mile away. The look on their faces is priceless when I tell them I know they pick. One client asked me " do you have a hidden camera in my bathroom"??" -Denise Valenzuela-Ivers

"Stop self-extracting your whiteheads. It's making a mess." -Susan Davis

"Stop telling me when you enter my room that I'm going to "Kill You" for picking at it. I give you advice for your benefit, if you do that to yourself, you're the one who will suffer. Not me." -Samantha Maline

Waxing Etiquette

"Stop putting your hand in the wax I just laid for your Brazilian!!!! And then trying to wipe it off on my blanket!" -Nicole Sellers Wagner

"Walk into the room for their Brazilian, and laugh and say 'omg you're gonna kill me, haha I haven't even touched my bikini area in like 8 months! Hahaha!'" -Michelle Ponte

"Stop tweezing in between wax appointments." -Tina Tyszka


"Stop tanning!!" -Caitlin Ruth Domínguez

"Stop tanning! Start listening to my at home care routine advice!!" Christine Tomei Orelli

"Stop tanning!!!! Wear the damn sunscreen or at least quit feigning innocence "I don't know why my hyperpigmentation keeps coming back'." -Ginna'Lyn Schlau

Home care

"Putting mascara on their lash extensions or gluing clusters on them to fill in the areas that fall out because they wait 5-6 weeks to get a fill & then expecting the same cost for a 3 week fill..." -Chy Clevenger

"I wish people WOULD know what they are using on their skin. I'm not going to judge you, but I need to know if you're using a prescription or AHAs in every step of your routine." - Shannon Jones

"Be honest about how much time and money you're willing to put into you're routine and stop thinking one facial is going to "fix" your skin." -Alana LaRubio

"Stop putting themselves down. I have a few clients who tell me they feel ugly. They're not ugly. I can improve their skin conditions, but I can't fix how they feel about themselves on the inside. Know you're beautiful." -Jessica Price-Kovach


"Wear sunscreen!" -Lauri Shea

"Do - check-in on Facebook!" -Neelam Uppal

"Do: Tip!!" -Christa Denicke Lindhardt

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